$ETC - A bullish TA and extremely bullish FA - TGT .006BTC

BITFINEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
610 0
If you trust TA and FA, $ETC is going to be the coin of the month for me. A clear break out could be seen here and the airdrop news scheduled for March 5th is going to play an important role.

The resistance line at around .0035 could play a vital role over here, it had tried to breach that line thrice in last 2 months but returned empty handed.

Once it crosses that line I am seeing it touching .006 or above in next 1 month. $ETC is one among few solid coins which everyone should have for a long term investment and I have been bullish on it since it was under .0018.

The MCAD line could be seen swinging above the signal line and making it extra bullish at this moment.

NOTE 1 - Everything is dependent on $BTC and each and every $BTC moves would impact alts movement. If $BTC remains stable or slight bullish it would help $ETC even more, in case $BTC goes in its last week's mode or last month's mode it may impact not only $ETC but each and every alts.

NOTE 2: Always research before buying, afte rall it is your money and you should invest wisely.
評論: Update 1: Already 46% up and breached the long term resistance line. Inching towards the target .006

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