ETCBTC 2 probable scenarios for wave 4-5 (ircular Geometry)

POLONIEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
This looks like the creation of wave and then wave 5 , ABC correction and then what? Time scale is exaggerated because of drawing.

Do your own research and draw your own conclusions, I will not do your job for you. I have used my own technique /Circular Geometry) and it all fits perfectly.

Perfection is the I of the creator.


Om Sri Satoshi Ji Namah
OM Sri Satoshi Mahadev! Jai!

Still on its way.

評論: Added 2 Fib Spirals.

評論: After a small chart adjustment of target Wave 5 a direct hit. Time Fib, Fib Spiral, Gann Angle, EW count ...100% acdcurate if it stops at Wave 5...lets see...

評論: I wanted to share the observation that both the second and third wave top (not an EW count) are both the 2.13 extension from the previous wave.
As price extended I added the Gann angles to find the 2.13 extension top which is at the circumference of the 1.886 fib Arcs.

評論: Lol, I have not looked at this chart since I updated with the one above.

unhide the time fibs

評論: Just add another Arc....

評論: Still init....

Wow , excellent usage of Fibonacci patterns @FlippingABitCoin! Thanks for sharing.
FlippingABitCoin metamorphosis11
@metamorphosis11, TY for recognising, Phi & phi keep on amazing the I & I. Injoy.
always nice to look at
Nice one, took the ride.
Looking for a small correction and a second run in the next few days/ frist days of june :)
+1 回覆
@Plice, Nice profits, I assume, congrats. Yes, lets see if it stops here and we have an ABC correction if it will continue this trend....also depends on how far BTC will keep going. OM
Plice FlippingABitCoin
@FlippingABitCoin, still no correction in sight. Amazing times for trading altcoins.
As i guess another big BTC correction will trigger another ETC run :)
@Plice, All these running Bulls.... Injoy I seriously have my doubts about a big BTC correction but maybe it will dleverage. Wait & See
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