POLONIEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
665 8
Triangle broken confirming the uptrend
I see that it has broken into the triangle again. Do you consider that a false Break up?
HiTech Jason777
@Jason777, there is absolutely nothing false on the chart, it broke out of the triangle, idea is still valid
Hi-tech.. Thanks for the info..

I'm just curious the update from BTC advising chain split... Will this make ppl move over to Ltc.. I'm holding few alts mainly xem 30.000 of the buggers. I brought in just under 4000 sats would u expect nem to dip below if BTC drops... I've Lost a fair amount not enough to be bothered about it.. But clearly I don't want to loose any more what would you advise... Any info would be great.. Thanks.
HiTech Ckeefe420
@Ckeefe420, it will force ppl to move away from BTC i guess at least in the short term
Explain your Triangle ?
HiTech FxTicks
@usmanshahid, what is not clear?

Also if we are trading between alts and BTC.. is it a good idea to just hold of trading btc untill all this has blown over... I really don't want to stop making money. But I'm not as clued up as most ppl as I'm quite nooby.. only joined the scene in Jan.
HiTech Ckeefe420
@Ckeefe420, well if you are short term trader its is probably better to hold off BTC, long term it has no other road than up
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