ETCBTC - A sleeping demon! Bullish is an understatement

BITTREX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
- MACD crossover + going up
- Weis Wave Volume telling us - Great accumulation and so much volume bought! Reduced selling too
- RSI showing higher lows indicating positive divergences.
- Breakout of the massive triangle

This is a great buy and one for a long term. Expect this trade to go for weeks, maybe months.

I've bought into trade around 0.0021-0.0022. Already in 20% profit, lets see!
評論: Well that escalated quickly.

Breakout of the triangle for 1d as well as 1w!

We are going up!
評論: So much accumulation and build-up. This is going to blow.
is it still a good buy at 3200 sats or do you think we should wait for a pullback?
Eyox uzairn

Apologies for the late reply!

4h candle shows some downtrend so prices will go down. Good point to buy would be around the 0.0026-0.00285 mark. If you miss out on the trade it shouldn't matter as there are lots of opportunities!

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@Eyox, thank you sir, appreciate the reply. Can I ask you how do you determine what time frame of the chart to look at to make a decision on the entry/exit points? For example, here you used the 4h chart to see a good entry point on a retrace.
Eyox uzairn

I prefer looking at 1d charts but for short-term trading, 4h charts give you decent data to do some analysis. You want to be able to rely on indicators + chart patterns + good support/resistance lines (a good support/resistance will cover minimum 3 points).

Any less than 2h is very unpredictable and thus I avoid.
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45,600 usd already... is going much faster than every analysis I've seen
Eyox BorisTapiaV
@BorisTapiaV, Agreed, ETC looks to have woken up!
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