Descending Wedge Pennant... ETC ETH Mining War

POLONIEX:ETCETH   Ethereum Classic / Ethereum
221 2 5
You have to start to wonder if ETC will have a run up on the back of ETH considering they share mining equipment... A bullish looking Pennant squeezing the hell out of ETC ... Pressure makes Diamonds !!

These work best at yearly lows.. exactly where we are !!

Does it hurt to buy a yearly low ??
評論: :o indecision??? we caught that bleep up to 0.045 ! thankyou !
評論: The pessimist
評論: the optimist.
交易進行: high volume upward breakout of triangle..

Hopefully you´ve been accumulating some over the week..
I have built an army of cyborg ninjas that give to charity !

Score Board:
Right within the trend lines. Preparing for a rocket.
+1 回覆
@bntoton, More often than not they fake out the bottom and swing back up. First target would be about 0.05 I'd say.. but why not dream bigger ! haha ! best of luck !
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