ETC Golden Opportunity to Make x5 Times on Your Investment

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Chart speaks for itself. The famous closing triangle especially popular in the crypto space which results in massive spikes soon afterwards. We saw that very recently with Ripple. Here's a chance to easily get a x5 times return on your investment. Apart from the technical analysis , I think the team behind Ethereum             Classic is competent and honest. Mind you, this same team was part of the original Ethereum             project but they refused to be a part of the $50 million DAO bailout as they considered it unethical and against the spirit of the project. Vitalik Buterin of the present Ethereum             however made a compromise on principles and ethics and replaced stolen Ethereum             blocks with new made blocks. So, some of the founders thought it was an insult to the purpose of the project and they separated and formed Ethereum             Classic. For a long time, these people have been focused on building a working product, they didn't care about any publicity or promotion, however recently they have been active on forums like Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. The Ethereum             Classic Team is also part of IOHK (Input/Output Hong Kong) which is the same company that made Cardano. These are pretty smart people. Personally, I've had my eyes on ETC and I think it is an exteremly undervalued coin with a lot of potential. It can easily shoot up to $100, $200 just to catch up with the other coins. If it turns out to be a big deal, it could easily exceed some of the big coins like Litcoin and Dash in marketcap and maybe end up as an Ethereum             competitor one day for all we know. That's it, guys. Trade safe! :)
評論: Buy ETH and ETC for 2018. Hold it. Thank me later.
評論: Rumors of ETC being added to Coinbase. We hold and buy more while it is below $40. Target 1: $80 Target 2: $120
Thanks for the TA. Update please :)
fakhan vanwykcory
@vanwykcory, Bought at 27 Holding till 80.
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Just bought in. Will sell around $45-50
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cbarkly vanwykcory
@vanwykcory, hmm try being Just a biiiit more patient
ETC's last jump was on 10x more volume than what we have today... today is at 650btc volume.
Patience, patience, I know...

@fakhan -- any updates to this one?
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cbarkly cbarkly
Nov 27, to be specific
fakhan cbarkly
@cbarkly, Rumors of ETC being added to Coinbase. I see it spiking up any time now.
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cbarkly fakhan
@fakhan, you sure about those rumors? heard they were quashed as per coinbase faq on 12.30
fakhan cbarkly
@cbarkly, That was back when the fork happened. They haven't said anything now. I'm sure it is a strong candidate. If BCH can be added why not ETC.
Besides this, the ETC/BTC chart also looks very promising. So breakout is coming. And 4-5 times is possible, just look at MarketCap, ETC is at 3bn.
Times 5 that would make it 15bn, and place 5 on the list. That isn't really that crazy and could happen.
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