ETC fractal similitude

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
I discovered interesting thing, generally a cryptocurrency trends to mimic its past. Here we can find a lot of similitude like a fractal schematic.
For the next days, bearish trend fo me.
評論: ETC falling around 16$ like the previous fractal ?
評論: Prediction still valid unfortunately ..
交易進行: can we anticipate that the ETC will increase until the last pivot (32$) like the previous fractal similitude ?
I don't think that there will be many sellers when we are so close to Callisto airdrop for ETC holders. It can go down only if BTC goes down because everything follows BTC when it's moving like wildly.
alexcoin Azuris
Lol remember the segwit for litecoin. A great pump and dump @Azuris,
alexcoin alexcoin
and who gives a s*** about Callisto when no exchange has stated that they will support it,
svhill11 alexcoin
@alexcoin, It was the same way with LCC, as Coinbase and GDAX and Binance did not support that airdrop either. You need a personal wallet. Regardless, Litecoin pumped...
svhill11 Azuris
@Azuris, That is where substantive analysis comes into play...I see it possibly going as low as 30 or 31, but as we approach the airdrop it will rise after support above where he indicates. Charts do not exist in a vacuum. That said, I do see it falling for another day or so...then up.
stratissou svhill11
@svhill11, which wallet is supported by the airdrop ? according to what i saw, it is not clear ....
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