Ethereum Classic 3 Digits soon

KRAKEN:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Know the past can help you to know the future
3 digit on the way
評論: 50 like to get updated
600 $ in this year is not overpriced at all
評論: Why kraken ?
Actually I trade in bittrex
But the availability of data in kraken is much better since 2016
possible target before the fork
around 78-215
till now is looking good
if retracement happened potential target around 26-28
then go up before the airdrop around 76-105
take it easy
I'm thinking of Inv H&S would be nice if formed
testing downdtrend channel
I'm thinking of that area around 150- 250
not sure if we can approach it before the airdrop
might take a longer time
評論: Warning :
If u r trading ETC for airdrop hype just remember that the estimated date for airdrop became 2 March
Trade Safely
評論: touched the Pitchfan and reversed
評論: next support around 15
What are your thoughts from here?
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150-250 area before the fork
just in one case any big exchange published it will support callisto and see the magic
Can you update please.
@cpoleary, updated
I am bullish on this, especially because it's not a fork. Awesome chart!

Good job!

This price will be reached during the year ... but now, what will happen after the kallisto currency comes out? etc will come down again? or will it continue to rise?

I have some ETC and I do not know how to manage them before this fork. I do not know whether to keep them all year, sell them before kallisto comes out ... Can you help me?

Thank you!
fayyad txapelwork
@txapelwork, due to previous behavior in crypto it's better to sell before the fork , selling them divided to lock in some profit
nobody knows what the highest point to reach so gradual selling will make you in averaged profit
@fayyad, And the goal of $ 400 is before the fork? Only two weeks left !!
in two weeks it can go up to 200 ???? oh shit
fayyad txapelwork
@txapelwork, no i don't think it could be achieved in 2 weeks
80-200$ seems reasonable
Ah, I understand.

And the $ 600 would be an annual goal? After the lowering of the fork, will it continue to rise?

Sorry for so much question, I'm new to this: /
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