ETC downtrend before new ATH + Callisto AirDrop

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
BITFINEX:ETCUSD gained a lot of strength recently after the news about Callisto Airdrop, so I expect it to drop to around 29-30$ before going up again.
High probability to get new ATH before Callisto Airdrop.
Let's see how things will develop !
手動結束交易: ETC is showing such a good strength, very happy to see it that way, let's see what will happen around the Callisto Airdrop time.
交易進行: So far, it didn't really go to 29-30$, but it dropped to 31,5$, looks like it formed reversal pattern, let's see where are we going !
I understand your support line, but I think it finds support slightly above that due to the news about the airdrop. Based on the chart alone, I can't argue...But noone except a day trader relies on charts alone, and then again, the best factor in news and FUD and FOMO as well.
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S-Axiomatic svhill11
@svhill11, Yes, I saw that it shows strength even at 34$, I find it actually quite good, it's good to see it showing strength in my opinion, let's see what will happen ^^
svhill11 S-Axiomatic
@S-Axiomatic, Yes, lets see...it will likely retrace a bit when some sell off for profits, but it could sustain a bull run after it does and keep going untl the airdrop.
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