BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Base on TA, I see ETC to $64
交易進行: nice break if this candle stand we can head for the first target
交易進行: some fundamentally sound news to support it
ETCUSD will add bitflyer and japannese Dmm

And A2A Messaging System will release

These are what I heard, do your home work guys, what do you all think?
交易進行: if we break this area 35+ we will see first target pretty quickly
交易進行: some delay but first target reached, looking at it now, you can lock some profit and either reenter when theres a clear break or let the profit run, its about money management. Just like in golf grinding pars and avoiding triple bogeys that will ruined your score card. A pro dont hit hole in one everyday, but they hit it to makable radius time and time again. Which mean you dont always need to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. Whats your money management strategy please share and comment
Thanks, nice review.
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