Intraday level for ETC

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Intraday level for ETC
TP!: 15.35-15.38
SL-15.547 Risk: 0.6%
評論: Both targets met in less than an hour.
評論: If the double top support at 15 is broken, then this bullish bat pattern with D leg at 14.78-14.82 will be in works. D will be a prz and we will have to look at RSI divergences to confirm the pattern.
評論: *sry wrong image posted in above update:
This will be a bullish bat(blue)
評論: After the reversal at D point of Bearish Gartley, T1 & T2 were achieved.

Double top support at 15 was broken and we saw a drop of 5.15% and consequently a reversal at the D point of the Bullish Crab(Blue) with:
TP1 & Tp2 at 38.2fib & 61.8fib regions respectively.

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