ETC ~ More Convinced than Ever on that 3 Digit Price Surge

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Strong buy interest. Nobody wants to miss out on free Callisto. $200+ by March 5 (Airdrop)
Does someone know, what the price of Callisto is going to be?
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cmschlch dominikhirschi
@dominikhirschi, if you find out the price. please let us know. Could not find anything.
@cmschlch, The only thing i found in the whitepaper was the max. supply of 6'500'000'000. Witch seems very much to me.
The question is whether the airdrop isn't already priced into ETC as the airdrop has been long known?!
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fakhan moontear
@moontear, Airdrop isn't priced in because most people don't buy in till the last moment. Some just want to see some price action before they do, others have their reasons like they are invested in other coins that are poised for some bullruns.
This time around, they have good reason to not buy ETC yet with the Waves and EOS ICOs. Check them out. They are both this month.
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fakhan fakhan
@fakhan, Sorry Airdrops not ICOs
@fakhan, no one is buying EOS, Waves is not flying either, most of these ETC rumors are based on NXT, everyone expected the same bull. But its not coming. Most of these charts, patterns here are misleading.
Azuris bdavletov
@bdavletov, week before airdrop will be crucial and I think bull run can be expected because Callisto looks like a good project and ETC is doing good job recently , so we are about to see if all those moon shot charts will come true
I really agree with you, also if the pattern it's not the same the NXT had before the airdrop. The doubt is, will ETC get into the 3 digits few days before the airdrop, or few hours? With NXT it happened few days before
fakhan Alex_B1M
@Alex_B1M, Well, 3 digits as in $100+ could happen in a few days. The rest is for us to wait and watch. Scandinavian countries are up to something with ETC. I see a lot of smart accumulation. Coinbase listing could change the whole game which is why I'm not selling more than 25% after the airdrop.
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