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I expect another massive bullrun with Ethereum Classic as we approach the 5th of March, 2018.

Currently, the price of ETC is around $35 and my conservative price target is $62.19 with good potential to reach or even breach the $74.27 price target.

The most imporant thing to consider with this trade is to TAKE PROFIT in the Yellow Zone (Between the 2 vertical purple lines) and NOT hold ETC after the 5th of March, 2018 as a big 30-50% dump is expected. (I would personally recommend you start locking in your profits between the 1st and 4th of March)

Target Profits:

TP1: $50.10 (43% Profit)
TP2: $54.46 (55% Profit)
TP3: $62.19 (77% Profit)
TP4: $67.50 (93% Profit)
TP5: $74.27 (112% Profit)

Good luck and remember to ONLY invest what you can afford to lose and only trade/invest at your own due diligence.

If I helped you make a good $$ trade, consider buying me a a beer! :)

Donation Addresses:

ETH: 0xE88e5d0Ea4005d4E6058FA46bbbaA996e999a43D
ETC: 0xBB12934Cc49AAA505dB23700f053D26cc1B6e515
手動結束交易: Airdrop is happening shortly and the ETC will dump shortly after that event.

$35 ETC is a good price to sell at and you can buy back after the airdrop as ETC will probably drop down to the $15-$20 range.

If you prefer to hold on to your ETC, make sure you keep it in a wallet that supports the Callisto airdrop. If you keep your ETC on an exchange, you will be giving away your Callisto and your ETC will dump in price, which is probably not a very smart thing to do.

More information on which exchanges/wallets support this airdrop can be found on:

Good luck!
What event do you expect on Mar 5?
mashi mashi
I've already googled. Fork
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