I'm a Classic Man ft. ETC Is Coming (Strong Buy)

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
I hate the word, "Hold/Hodl" but today I'm gonna have to use it. Buy ETC and hold it till March 5 at least even if you hate its f*cking guts! Should you hate ETC? Absolutely not. It's 27 times smaller than Ethereum compared to BCH being only 7 times smaller than BTC . So, it's massively underpriced. ETC is the original Ethereum and ETH is the hardfork. So, ETC has everything that ETH has except for the traction/media attention (as of now which could change easily). Also, ETC doesn't have the problems of ETH like scaling issues and increasing tx cost, not to mention the unresolved legal issues that ETH still haven't cleared after the DAO hack bailout. My money is on this guy. Go Classic!

Only a matter of time before it's listed on Coinbase and then the fanboys would be all over it buying at $300 and $500 when they could easily have bought today for below $50. Don't miss your chance.


Then you hold the coin beyond the fork? or sell it before that day arrives ...

A target of $ 300 would be spectacular, I do not know if I'll see this year
fakhan txapelwork
@txapelwork, Check my post about $500 ETC. If LTC can be $200+ why not ETC when it does just what LTC does and more like allowing Dapps and smart contracts to be built on ETC.
fakhan fakhan
@fakhan, PS I'm not dropping it after the Callisto airdrop not fork!

Do you advise keeping them throughout the year?

I have about 600 ETC ... and I do not know whether to sell them before March or endure them during the year

Thanks @fakhan
fakhan txapelwork
@txapelwork, Listen my friend, I have been a hodler and I have been buying and selling. Now here's the thing: If you sell before a drop and then buy, you may make some extra money but most of the times, it isn't worth the hassle taking into account transferring coins to and fro from wallet to exchange and the tx cost etc. So, what I recommend is, you hold your ETC till 5th March. When you get your free Callisto, then you see if there are other good coins in the market and you lower your ETC dominance by say, 100 or 200 coins. I should tell you that I'm 70% in on ETC at the moment. Ask any trader, he'll say you're dumb to do that but I believe in ETC and I believe in Charles Hoskinson's vision and IOHK Team as well as ETC Dev Team. I don't mind holding till the end of the year.
Ok, you believe beyond the fork.
Thanks friend
fakhan txapelwork
@txapelwork, I base my crypto investment decision on three things: 1. Price 2. Tech 3. Team.

If the price is right, I will buy a sh*tty coin to flip it later.
If the price and tech is right, I will buy the good coin and see what happens. I may sell some of it later.
If the price, tech and team is right, I will buy and hold the coin.
And this is the third case, I understand
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fakhan txapelwork
@txapelwork, Yes, it is the 3rd case.
100% agree
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