ETC Hard Fork & Air Drop coming (medium)

BITTREX:ETCUSDT   Ethereum Classic / Tether
ETC will have a hard fork & air drop at block 5500000 (around 5th March). People will receive Callisto 1:1.

All the info you can find here:

ETC bullrun is in the air for some weeks now, also mining profitability increases and with this airdrop price will be going up in my opinion. For long or med trades like that I don`t set targets as it`s pointless in my opinion.
評論: Just a little update. ETC was moving up well before BTC corection and now road is open as BTC broke a channel and going up.

Thomas Lee who is a co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors and former JPMorgan Chief Equity Strategist recommended ETC in his interview with CNBC, that`s good for us.

Regarding wallets/ exchanges supporting the fork... For now ClassicEtherWallet, ClassicMask and MyEtherWallet are guaranteed to work. Exchanges are being informed about the fork and list will be posted closer to the date.
評論: Ok, a little update. Currently we are fighting at some resistance around $34 level. If we break it, we can go for a new ATH. BTC is currently looking bullish and heading to around 12.5k-12.7k level seems like a pretty likely scenario.

Regarding exchanges and wallet support- atm nothing changed 'ClassicEtherWallet, ClassicMask and MyEtherWallet are guaranteed to work.' Also Coinomi is going to support it. They are working to list Callisto on HitBtc, Bittrex and Binance but so far there is no official info about listing or fork support.
評論: Good spot to jump in around current level, another rally should start soon.
評論: SL @ $31, unfortunately market conditions killed a bigger growth probably.
I'm stoked to see what happens to price action leading up to the snapshot! Can't stop watching the countdown either lol
How to Check the current Block of ETC .
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What price do you expect ETC will go during or before fork ?
I am having ETC on bittrex, do I need to transfer it to MEW to get the forked coin ?
Also ppl are saying that etc will dump badly after the fork, is it true ?
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jeffreyPL1 Nefarious

I don`t like such predictions as it also depends a lot on BTC etc. but for now I`d expect $55-60 maybe.

Bittrex support isn`t confirmed so far. MEW is.

It`ll dump before the fork and after a bit probably but not like some other coins (NXT for example).
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Nefarious jeffreyPL1
@jeffreyPL1, So do you suggest to transfer my ETC to MEW for getting Callisto ?
jeffreyPL1 Nefarious
@Nefarious, personally I`m just going to sell my ETC but if you want to keep it to get Callisto then you have two options:

1) transfer to MEW, ClassicEtherWallet, ClassicMask or Coinomi
2) wait a few days to check if bittrex will support it (usually exchanges announce their support a few days before) and if they won`t then transfer to mentioned
Nefarious jeffreyPL1
@jeffreyPL1, When will you sell ? I mean before the fork ? If we sell, we dont get callisto right ?
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