Bank vs. Cryptocurrency #7 (ETFC)

I publish series of ideas with the same topic for example: Some weeks ago, I shared 17 short selling ideas with the topic: (Dow drops 1,175 points)
In January 11-18 I shared 9 ideas with the topic: (Bullish-Gold Futures = Buy Mining Companies)
In January 19 I shared 3 ideas with the topic: (Rising interest rates = Buy Banks)
In January 21-24 I shared 8 ideas with the topic: (Bullish-Oil Futures = Buy Energy Companies)
Without entering into controversial because my job is to find opportunities in the market.
I need to put ideas in the desk of other people (Traders) because they need variety of ideas and diversification for risk reduction.

For example this financial institution, listed in NASDAQ market classified like Financial Services is less volatile than cryptocurrencies like Bit-coin.
Maybe this idea looks boring but this is about diversification, capital preservation and at the same time wealth maximization but without bet the house.
cryptocurrencies offer a better return? Yes. But the risk, what?

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