Idea for the week
交易結束:達到停損點: Stop loss
評論: Break trend line
great job , good call
Why did i sell when i saw : "Trade closed: stop reached: Stop loss" :'(
Another great call! Appreciate your ideas.
Will it rise even more in the next 24 hrs? currently 350$.
This is not correct, you can't close the trade, btc value is not correctly accounted for + ether price has indeed gone up, from the time this trade was posted in $value.

Excavo - you need to account for both btc and eth's revised values and proportionately adjust the chart. You'll find that your today's ETH price RISE is closer to 0.11btc with btc price of that time.
CryptoGraham aakashbit
@aakashbit, I like the part where you tell us about your cryptodreams then tell @EXCAVO how to trade. Is you a comedian?
+1 回覆
aakashbit CryptoGraham
@CryptoGraham, Suggest you read my comment without prejudice. I have no intent to teach him, I am just an avid follower, (just didnt know it is forbidden to share/ discuss your views here). Naah, I'm no comedian buddy, but yes, really-really allergic to sarcasm from ppl with no brain.
CryptoGraham aakashbit
@aakashbit, No need for insults, just found a little humor in it that's all. I dream the same, and good luck trading to you!
aakashbit CryptoGraham
@CryptoGraham, Absolutely buddy, but you wrote it like you were pulling the leg. My bad, (I got a polluted mind .. too much smoke in my country .. has made me humourless lately) Good luck to you too with your trade.

(@EXCAVO must be laughing his *** off reading all this)
At which broker can i trade bitcoin and ethereum?
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