A solution for scalability is really needed!

On the long-term map of Ethereum (logscale/daily candles) I see signals for potential downturn. I am certainly a supporter of Ethereum , but I’m not very happy about the six months outlook.
I have a number of issues:
1: There is no prospect for a solution with regard to scalability.
2: Assuming that Wirth's law is also applicable to Ethereum , without scalability solution, the current success and popularity of Ethereum will also be its downfall. The more programs built on top of it, the slower it gets. Crypto kitties was a good example how easy Ethereum can get clogged. Some stupid app like crypto kitties is properly already in the making.

In terms of value the market has confidence in Ethereum but without a scalability solution support can decline fast.

Should Lightning Network ( BTC ) be successful (I suspect that this will not be the case) Ethereum will have to come up with an answer to LN fast.

On the other hand, Ethereum remains one of the better projects on the market, and I'm assuming there will be enough money in the coming months to roll into the market.

Uummmm.....RAIDEN, SHARDING, PLASMA....Scaling is coming.
DiscoDonny Phattyoshis
@Phattyoshis, Yes you are right! And Vitalik has also indicated to put its focus on Ethereum again.
To rephrase, i don't see these solutions deployed within a six-month time frame and that actual scalability is achieved earlier.
This shit just takes time to be developed, tested and deployed.
That is why I still expect issues to emerge in the coming months. Have you got a more positive outlook for actual scalability?
Phattyoshis DiscoDonny
@DiscoDonny, It will definitely take some time. You are right about that. However, I think that the market is going to be moving ETH upward based on many other factors other than usability and scaling, just because most of the retail investors have no clue that any of that matters, or why any of that matters.
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