For the past 2 years, the holiday season (not exactly Christmas day, but near to it) has offered rock-bottom prices for alts.

This chart shows 5 of the major alts (ones with enough volume and history to chart this far back) against BTC . If history repeats itself, and they come down to meet my green arrow, it should offer an OTE on a wide array of altcoins. However, the yellow, or red fib lines may be all we get due to the increased market activity this year. But the depression caused by most of the market being on holiday, needing money for presents, and simply not paying attention means it should offer good long entries across the board regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Altcoins roasting on an open fire...

There's a chance we're running ahead of schedule. I'm entering small here and will add if we keep moving up.

Still prepared for another leg down in alt/btc pairs if BTC blows up hard.
評論: looks like Christmas came early this year :D
Nice work.. XRP is going to be listed on the Huobi China exchange on the 23rd Nov. Thats tomorrow. Could be a spike in price I imagine
Cool chart!
Good spot. Lets see. Makes me questioning buy now... hmmm.
kristarling noideaihave
@noideaihave, Bear in mind that we've only got two previous data points. There's no reason why the bottom couldn't be the dip we already had at the beginning of this month. It would make sense for this cycle to accelerate.

Christmas might just give a good entry point - not necessarily the best one.
If that's the case I'll buy some more XMR for Christmas because we could see BTC hit 10K and it'll be looking really cheap!
By the look on your presentation I get your exact impression of this situation. Well done. Is it possible? I'd say Im 65 for and 35 against this and I would bet on it.
@Yoshua, Thanks for your kind words. I really have no idea if this will happen again. Just that I would be a fool to miss out if it does!
I see an ascending triangle on weekly this gonna moon??????ß
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