Converting BTC to ETH

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I have been watching this chart since the top, and have waited for it to correct. It has tagged the 50ma and is potentially rallying.

BTCUSD is in an uptrend, bouncing off the 50ma. It could continue to correct/consolidate to the 200ma, but I am not worried about any decline.

ETHBTC is in an uptrend, also bouncing off its 50ma. Fundamentally, it is more useful than Bitcoin .

Converting half my BTC to ETH. If I add any more funds to the crypto wallet it will probably be ETH, but I'll wait and see what happens in the coming months / years.
" is more useful than Bitcoin . "

sure, if you like paying money to run unsecure code you can run for free at home
tangman spacetrader
Hi @spacetrader, thanks for your comment.

I admit, I don't understand ETH very well, at all. I'm also a software engineer and have no idea what you mean. I have a feeling that 99.99% of people also don't, and that gives me comfort.

I find that all kinds of financial instruments defy fundamentals, sometimes for very long periods of time. I was a goldbug once and thought the USD was worthless fiat. And yet, here we are.

It's in an uptrend, that's all I care about. I'm prepared to face the possibility that these are just virtual tulips. Good luck to you!
@tangman, no, you're right, I think we're past the point where it's just crypto people buying and stuff. chart is more important than fundamentals anyway. good luck.
sergionero spacetrader
@spacetrader, yeah, I witnessed the change - nobody understand what is the technology behind particular coin. How we have crazy asian buying ETH like it's new gold and Joes seenig only "ETH is more functional than BTC". The real regret is that you have to follow this crowd to make money :(
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