ETHBTC - at important resistance!

The price of Etherium, has hit some time ago the top line of the downward channel and is currently on the 61% Fibo retracement at 0.063. This is a very important level, because the technical resistance level at 0.0666 is just above it. Breaking the top of these levels and closing the daily candle above 0.0666 will mean a continuation of rally towards the level of min. 0.080. A pull-ack the trend from the current levels will allow BTC to strengthen, but the real reversal of the trend can only be said after breaking the support at 0.045.

Main trend: DOWN

Intermediate trend: DOWN

Daily trend: UP (price at a key level)

Key levels:

- for further increases - level 0.0063 and later 0.0666

- for continuing correction - level 0.0063 and later 0.0055

- for continuation of falls - level 0.0045

PS: Be sure to add me to the watchers!
PPS: The next analysis of the next cryptocurrency will be published, if this post receives a min. 100 likes. :)
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As it keeps rising to ATH... You should delete this post!
Mr. Seliga, could you actualise your point of view, please ?
thank you for analysis. Good job. I am expect to test 0.63-0,66 level next few days and massive up jump too.
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why is 0.06 key level?
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Kryptomaestro Kryptomaestro
@Kryptomaestro, And very good analysis!
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@Kryptomaestro, It is a typical retracement of the previous leg up or down. Plenty of people have orders placed there. :)
DrewRosen sebastian.seliga.7
@sebastian.seliga.7, Again, 9 days later about to pass ATH.
Nice analysis. I trade coins vs USD. Your chart indicates ETH consolidating after the spike and it may be the time for BTC to head upward
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Clean analysis, thanks :)
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Like the analysis, keep on doing the great work!
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