ETHBTC long-term targets

BITTREX:ETHBTC   以太坊 / 比特幣
I've been posting this same $ETHBTC chart for months, and it's been surprisingly accurate. We're about to see a golden cross on the 1 day, which in the past has been an extremely bullish signal. My intermediate target (2-3 months) is .15BTC. Long term target if this chart continues to play out is somewhere around .4BTC.
Thank you for this chart :)

Just noticed that on your 2 previous ellipses, ETH price was bellow MA100. Now if we look at everytime MA25 and MA100 crossed on the 1 day, do you notice how ETH retraced when it was above the MA100 when they crossed? It actually happened twice.

Now look at SotchRSI, we're near by 100. Exactly the same situation than the 2 retracements I talk about.

If history repeats itself as you show us, I think we're first gonna have a nice correction and buy opportunities.
@spyesx,for the first ellipsis marked in 2016, ETH price was above the MA100 when the "golden cross" happened.
from the chart, it lookis like price crossed above MA100 on 01-11-2016 (hard to match up dates exactly without being able to zoom in), while the cross occured sometime on the 18th-19th.
spyesx shilpixels
@shilpixels, sorry I meant bellow MA25 but your observation is still interesting. Thx for the alert
@shilpixels @spyesx I agree, price was above both 25 and 100 at the time of the cross in two previous instances, although it did temporarily pull back and crossed below the 25 in March, it recovered quickly. Yes, SRSI is overbought but we are seeing fantastic volume and just crossed an important resistance point at .06, so I think that may act as support for the next retrace.
ETH is back on the menu boys! Buy the dips!!
@feeench Get your pickaxe and wheelbarrow ready!
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