344 4
I think my previous chart took wrong base point of gann fan , the best point is to pick real trend reversal point. I believe current pennant is just formed, it's little bit different since many people were expecting price to act similar way when hitting 0.0473 ath .

I think it will break up either up or down at 1-4 April. If it breaks up, target is 0.67 imo . However if down, first bottom my be near 0.034
評論: I think we are going down -
評論: Someone just now literally stopped downfall by putting ~2000 btc on bids which instantly reversed direction.
交易進行: I consider this trade active, we are going back to pennant.
Another day in trading... :)
評論: Wider perspective analysis
Very impressive. Do you thing it go up? Because of Brexit?
n0xTrader vuuminhdat
@vuuminhdat, Not really. I think Brexit has only short-term psychological influence on markets and mostly on forex. While there is very long way to really exit UE by UK, they are not going to let them go away soon - this process will take some time...

According to this triangle, i'm actually less sure it will break up from this pennant, i'm of ETH right now, observing for solid breakout to take long or short position. Green arrows is optimistic approach.
D1DT n0xTrader
@n0xTrader, Thanks for the analysis, do you have any updates?
@D1DT, It's tempting to open long now however i'm following my plan and waiting for break out and confirmation before putting money on this trade. In 1w-1d i looks like "return to normal" bubble stage, it's getting risky :)
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