ETH expect major move soon™

1986 5
Looing for a major move for ethereum .
Bollinger bands are tight on higher timeframes. Moving averages have been stacked.
Its trading sideways around the EMA50 for 2 months.

I see three scenarios:
  • Bearish red channel, guess it would be only possible with new bad news, this would be a heavy capitulation with blood in the steets.
  • Sideways in purple triangle, dont really believe in this
  • Break out up and tripple top. Must break out up 0.023 and make a new high, guess its the most likely scenario for now.

fundamentals will be important, what will happen on devcon2? Is ethereum classic the real eth? Are new projects in pipeline? Is golem really the uber for computers?

評論: there was a bug that crashed nodes https://blog.ethereum.org/2016/09/18/sec...
which caused a bit panic but was fixed immediately https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/...

This could have trapped some shorts. Could be the fuel for breaking out?
評論: I have been buying. I think there is a chance for eth to have a strong comeback. After .023 there should not be much resistance anymore
評論: It's moving up but tough resistance ahead now at 0.023 on ethbtc and also ~15$ on ethusd. Happy trading everyone :-)
評論: macd on weekly chart should turn green next week, I am very bullish and increasing my position on dips.
評論: A version of this article will be published on the Fortune magazine on 1st of october:
評論: Based on my analysis it should go up but unfortunately attacks keeping the price down.
So with the ongoing attacks and patches it's hard to make a guess for short term price movements based on technical analysis.
Also bear div being tested and eaten on short time frame?
koryu zippy1day
which div do you mean exactly? got a chart? ;)
longed 1000 at 0.0198 rip
koryu captrade
good luck ;-)
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