Short of 2016!! Eth DAO refund coming !! 16 million Eth + !!

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Volume has dropped drastically over last few weeks compared to average since eth broke out months back, we have been a Bear cycle for sometime but we are far from the Bottom, with the 18 million Eth refund imminent, panic selling is hard to avoid with panic selling which will result in a complete collapse of the price with DOA refunds trying to beat others to the orderbook. Everyone refunded will want to get to the orderbook first & sell at the top.

Bearish Fundamentals

1. General demand down due to security issues & negative sentiment

2. Hardfork / softfork debate - always a risk with forking

3. over 18 million Ethereum refund being made to disappointed / angry ICO investors

4. BTC holding well has support at current price, halving occurred

As the chart indicates double bottom is the minimum i expect but this could get really worst if Panic selling becomes FOMO selling with all refunds trying to cash out at the same time...

Target short - 0.012 - 0.01
評論: there is 12 million + Eth being Refunded not 16 million.
評論: DAO under attack again last night..
評論: Developer case opened with FBI against ETH developers.
評論: closed last night when it went above 1600 & took profits

will be shorting the top again,. harfork & refund getting closer..
If you entered a short now you are very late. short orders are near an all time high.
You put yourself in an even weaker position than the millions of $ who entered short before you

The amount of ETH collected in the crowdsale was 11.x million.
Few people may dump ETH after the refund, when they could see the USD price double in the meantime and only go down to their entry level because of theDAO bug,
but not yet below (depending if exact entry price between april 30 and may 28)

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makes sense :P (hope you're wrong LOL )
"Short of 2016!!" - ! like your BOLDness... Tight s/l recommended though. gl.
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Love the idea, i hope i dont get liquidated :) Although its worth it either way :)
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