Clear CUP & Handle forming on ETHBTC! Is this da flippenin? $ETH

This is one thing that confuses me. How do we “see” the flippening on a chart pair like BTC/ETH? I just can’t understand how we see the value of one pair over the other in a chart that compares the value of two coins.

I suppose I could compare (coin) vs USD - if the chart goes up, that means BTC has gained more value compared to the USD in that time frame.

So I suppose I can sort of figure that out, but how do we know which coin is gaining value over another in a chart like this? The first name in the pair is what value we’re charting?

So in this case since it’s ETHBTC, we’re seeing ETH’s value charted in comparison to the base (BTC)? I guess that makes sense when I talk it out like that. I’ve just always traded against USD, for the most part.

Am I correct in what I said? If so, you may have just opened my eyes to something brand new to me that I never understood before.
@TheGush, bitcoin is still the big daddy of them all. So you should always compare your investments to bitcoin in terms of satoshis and whether or not ur earning btc satoshis. Otherwise, why invest in anything besides btc if you cant beat it. There are 100 millions satoshis in a bitcoin. This chart compares ethereum in terms of btc. In all honesty, my title is click bait... lol dont put any wait into it. But the point of it is eth is gaining drastically compared to btc over the past couple days. Many people want ethereum to surpass bitcoin in market cap because it has more utility in their opinion. Others think that lack of progress with scaling really makes their value less than what it currently is. If they are able to effectively compete with the lightening network down the road, it will be hard to argue against ethereum long term.

So to answer ur question more specifically, although investments in alts might be earning u dollars... the could be loosing u bitcoin and thus potential dollar returns if fiat is really ur end game! Hope that helps answer ur question and sheds some light on the subject!
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