ETHBTC Correction is coming

BITTREX:ETHBTC   以太坊 / 比特幣
This is not a financial advice but an idea of something I'm seeing on the BTCETH chart.

On the 45 minutes temporality we can see a clear Elliot Wave which is about to enter on a correction zone, to then bounce up, hopefully again, I would confirm for the price to bounce back on the B point of the Elliot Correction wave at about .040 - .039 BTC and short my position to enter again at .033 - .034 BTC again, bot points coincide with the fibo points, also the SQZMOM indicator shows a change on the tendency.

If you like the idea and want to support me you can donate anything you want which is much appreciated.

BTC 145GrDsqdF1WnD1cVCTvBDWVbNTGwisv8o
ETH 0xd81b34b5d355d4a8372f49ca1e76aee4b8c6110d
取消訂單: The trend was broke, the idea is cancelled
This BTC / USD ratios indeed can be very different. I was looking at the USD price and 700$ shocked me. a couple minutes ago and I said maybe it's time to sell ETH and buy back at the lower price. I came to my account and I saw I bought ETH on Nov 28th for 0.0479 BTC and not only I didn't made a profit I lost some compared to BTC even with this huge bull run of ETH. I saw in my order history that around Nov 24th it was even around 0.508 BTC. Do you think it can reach the same ratio in coming days?
xochoa basahand
@basahand, Totally, I'll work on a "long" term analysis and put it here, I'll tag you if you want.
+1 回覆
basahand xochoa
@xochoa, Great thank you
Do you you actually think this will happen this week? I'm not so sure now looking at the strong support
xochoa JBoro111
@JBoro111, I think it will happen between today and tomorrow, actually in like 4 hours we will have a better picture of this idea :)
xochoa JBoro111
@JBoro111, it actually broke the trend, the idea is canceled
JBoro111 xochoa
@xochoa, Haha oh well. No stopping it now
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