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Entire crypto market has been a shitshow lately. While almost entire alt market, eth included already corrected to nov levels, bitcoin stubbornly refuses to do so.
With major fud and conspiracy with Cartel manipulating Btc in favor of futures , Soros and Rockefeller entering the market, i don't really see a good mid-term future for bitcoin .
On the other hand a lot of alts seem to be already at the bottom, small breakthrough already happened on some of them at the slightest upmove from bitcoin .
Given the upcoming large crypto events in may, Consensus and World Blockchain summit, where a lot of alts are sponsors, i think a lot of new money will be poured into this market.
I think this will finally be the point where a lot of alts (especially erc20 tokens and those with usd pairing) will break apart from following btc and the entire crypto market will change.

ETH is moving in a parallel uptrend channel since 2015. The only reason for ETH in january to not make a new ATH was because of the entire market crashing, so it stopped right under it. We may touch the resistance, but i don't think it will happen. ETH already has shown strength during last 2 weeks. Because of the reasons i listed above, i expect ETH to grow in relation to BTC , potentially to make a new ATH in july. That will mean ETH will surpass BTC in marketcap value, but that is a bold statement, even if the conditions are almost perfect.
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