ETHKRW - A Plan for Gain not for Pain

KORBIT:ETHKRW   Ethereum / South Korean Won
Cryptos move in 33- 45 day cycles - maybe it's news that has caused these patterns to emerge who knows. Price has tested the 0236 level and the bulls sent price to a level that couldn't make a Higher high. Price may return to test the swing low and then head toward the TL and as you can see the same shape of the corrective wave and time coincides with the 161.8 Price extension and the Daily TL and the Overlapping fib levels of the previous swings. I have assumed two profit levels one at the 127% of the entire move and the next at the 161.8. These levels may change as our plan plays out. Remember we are looking for a 1.2.3 pattern at the TL or evidence on the lower time frame to tell us the story and show us the way to enter this trade.

Please use caution when you trade - the plans I create are my thoughts based on past experience in the forex market, they are not advice.Feel free to donate BTC to my account if you happen to benefit from my plans.

BTC address 15HB2vstnjdUw4RGcrikWTtW8aCK8DJCtj

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