Eth re-entry plan

Well guys, this is my re-entry plan, I honestly hope that Eth goes down the price a lot to have a very happy return.

The fans are an important part of my strategy because they mark the course and the time that I keep a position open or closed. Sometimes (like a few days ago) they save me from retiring early from the battle zone.
Other times they are a real nightmare for my head because it becomes quite complicated to have the correct scale in the chart.

I hope my plan helps you to have some point of reference or comparison with your own plans.

The pink line in the top is my original target in bitfinex (plan b), when I realized or better said "I had the feeling" that it would not reach that price, I started to sell from $1000 (afterwards it turned out to be too soon and thanks to the fans I avoid selling the last eth's I had)

I recommend you develop your own strategies and not only follow the plans or charts of other traders. If something change may be too late when you receive the update.

There is nothing more rewarding than having your own boat, even if you fish very little compared to others, or your engine is slow than the others ... it is your boat.

Best wishes to all!!
評論: "Ring - Ring" Alarm!!...
評論: "this area is important"....
well we know how important it was ... much more than I imagine of course.

I have decided to wait and keep this plan and update it as soon as I have more information.
評論: This goes from the ridiculous to the funny ... you squeeze the "play" arrow hoping to see a series of candles going down harmonically and you do not see anything .... lol ... wrong way !!

Sorry guys, please know that I take my publications quite serious and although I knew the possibilities ... it is much worse than I thought.

an apology.
Excited for new chart!
@nfs5, waw thx!!! i was quit mad with my self cuz... I really knew that this could happen, that's why I marked it ...

by the way I'm updating the Dash graph ... I think it's going down ... be aware !!
nfs5 normstock
@normstock, b-b-but what about Ether? I'm nervous about a psychotic BTC-style bullrun up to $3k
nfs5 nfs5
@normstock paranoid, i should say. Given how much that would upset some of my portfolio
@nfs5, You know how this is and you've already seen me publish a wrong idea, but honestly ...
At least I personally have no reason to tell you that it will go higher ... my chart does not give more up as long as it does not go down to at least $1120 ... and I say "at least"
I still do not have enough information to make the chart ... I need more "candles"

+1 回覆
Trade at your own risk. :)
Getting close to "new plan" time.
normstock Tdunlap1310
@Tdunlap1310, Yep, actually since it cross the red line it was doom.. I make a mistake in the bullish movement and as a consequence this one starts from the wrong point. I not going to close it i just going to post the new chart here but i going to wait for confirmation.

On your fan chart what is the difference in the green and red areas
@j0rd3n, green is safe, red is "aware"... bad if break the red line
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