Ascending Triangle

Watching this one for weeks just haven't published

BBands breaking to the upside - 2nd tightest squeeze on daily ever
Asc Triangle measured moved + fib extension = $600+

On Index
評論: 1D singled cloud also showing bullish entry signal w/TK cross

交易進行: ascending triangle comparison between ethusd and btcusd

評論: wyckoff count, if i did the math right
評論: lawl
評論: target reached
Like a boss!
nice. made some nice gains on this since $320. -cryptoFox
Any reason why you picked the 2.27 level as a target? Is it because of the similarity to the BTC movement snapshot? my target based on the pole length is $775.
Also don`t you think it might just surpass that because of the big crypto surge thats going on ?
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@rrofaeil, i was just highlighting 1.618 to measured move which happened to be 2.272 as well
excellent work here. im playing long odds with a limit buy at 340 in the next 7 days.

ETH has an odd history of flash crashes :)
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Nice work Josh, so far seems to be working out. Will be sending a tip your way when I close my position out :D
@IAmSatoshi wyckoff, how low can fall?
Thanks for update
Exactly what I have been seeing as well
been building position since $290

The FOMO will be real !
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