Resurrection is closer...

Hi all,
Three days ago I said that we have two "most likely" scenarios.
ETH failed the first time when it tried to break the flag (after breaking the wedge ), it did a correction and went up again as most of the times when the candled touches for the third time a channel.
Let's remember that BTC is the big brother and BTC haven't break the wedge:
If we compare the two plots, for the first time in a very long time ETH is behaving some how independently from BTC which is good, nevertheless a big fall in BTC will definitely drag ETH down.
Right now the price is climbing the third wave and luckily is following the lines. I did this prediction 2 days ago and I shared an image with some of my followers and I am happy I nailed it down. But what's next?
The upward blue line (that comes from June 2017) will be a huge resistance, and just above it we have the upper line of the descending channel that start after the boom in mid-January. Most likely we will see a couple of drops (not that small) before we break this two lines always that BTC do not fall down.
This is definetely a good time to start thinking to go long, although I am not placing any purchase until I get real confirmation that BTC is out of the wedge and ETH broke through these two lines.
God bless you all.

Hi all, I want to follow up with this idea, and ETH it's definitely following my Fuscia EW trend. That's a point for me, right?
We are going to point 4 and there we will find a lot of support from the trendline and then we should bounce back to 5 and ETH will be alive again.
I am being bullish now, and buying but please be aware of the risk.
Good Luck.
Your 3 wave happened a little faster than expected, you think?
juliop90 Levitikon
@Levitikon, Yes, but the hight is almost the same. I will do an update later today but we need to keep an eye on this
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