Could this be possible?

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High time for a pullback. Question is where will it fall to before the next rebound? I tried not to sell when the trend is bullish like ETHUSD as such counter-trend strategies require nifty fingers to execute and precise timing. Too much stress for me, so I rather wait for the price to come to me and buy on dip. Less stress and easier to manage. To each his own. Best of luck.
評論: the selling is fast and furious, congrats to those who follow
評論: nice breakout and it offers late buyers another opportunity to buy 2 hours ago when it pulls back.
評論: went south , hit the 618 FIB level , hope it rebound from here .
評論: I hope those who long after the breakout from the channel had already close their position. At 1500 hours yesterday, it breaks down from the 618 level with a long red candle, signalling no rebound but continued selling. If you had put your SL here, yes , you lose money but lesser, much lesser compared to those who leave it empty and suffered more losses as at current price.

I learnt my lessons well - no matter how confident you think of the trade, ALWAYS , ALWAYS , ALWAYS have a SL. It can be your life saviour in times like this.
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