ETHUSD, inside hr after new high, shall we?

As I mentioned many times, inside bar after new high is one of my favorite trades.
Related ideas for BTCUSD below were classic teaching material!
My sister kept on asking me when is the best time to buy ETHUSD , to be honest, I don't really understand too much on how it works.
So what I know how to do is to treat it as a trading vehicle.

Buying at all time high seems silly , but that's how this trade works, and the only indicator needed is 8ema.
I don't have too much preference and study on whether ETHUSD worth buying, but this set-up worth trading for me!
Of course, strict stop loss and 1st kick executions are MUST for this kind of momentum trades!

Let's see how it goes!
-- (link to TradingView live chart)
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Dec 19
評論: got the 1st kick yo! the other half wait for pivot to trail!
Dec 19
評論: ha nice little intraday trade , out everything~
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