Ethereum Price Bounces Back to $1,050

the Ethereum price has climbed back above $1,000 as of last night, after dipping all the way down to $799. A very remarkable bound back, even though all markets are still in a bearish state right now. Moreover, the Ethereum market cap has increased to over $100bn again, which is another positive development.

Although most people keep a close eye on what is happening to Bitcoin right now, it is evident the worthwhile altcoins recover a lot quicker. More specifically, it seems the Ethereum price is going up in value rather quickly, even though Bitcoin is still struggling to surpass $12,000 once again. It is good to see the Ethereum price back above $1,000 again, even while Bitcoin is still stuck. It is due time altcoins decouple themselves from Bitcoin’s price once and for all, but that is much easier said than done these days.

Even the Ethereum price took a bit hit over the past few days. With all cryptocurrency markets losing a lot of value, it was not entirely surprising to see the Ethereum price dip all the way to $799. Although that is an extremely low value for Ethereum , it was only a blip on the radar when looking at the bigger picture. The drop from $1,375 all the way to $799 is pretty steep, though, but the market is on the right track again as we speak.

With Binance becoming the largest Ethereum exchange by trading volume , an interesting situation unfolds in front of our eyes. Bitfinex is not too far behind, and GDAX and OKEx are also within the same $50m range.
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