Ethereum Entry Levels

For opening long trades we have to wait for a correction wave. Fibo Retracement tool can give us good entry level for our trades. I like 38,2%, 50% and 61.8% levels which are more reliable. Also price reversal from these levels should be confirmed by RSI , candlestick patterns. Only after that we'll be able to open long trades and join to the up trend.

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@DLavrov One another reason for the fall is the successful ICOs such as Bancor Protocol - 396,720 ETH, Aeternity - (PHASE 1+ PHASE 2 ~ 252,000 ETH) and etc. Such companies probably want to sell a part of the ETH to cover expenses for a couple years and reduce risks.
Great posts. Start foto wint you.
How can we short altcoins? Is it possible with kraken account?
DLavrov ChristopheVee
@ChristopheVee, I'm not sure about altcoin. Write to them directly.
Love it when a plan comes together I thing Asia is going to wake up and panic sell escalating the dip to your predictions. Good chart
Any update plz
@Ilhams, when I have new signals, I will write new posts
Well I like it keep up the good work!
@JayMac, Thank you very much )
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When do you see this correction taking place? Shorted yesterday.
DLavrov JakeSchrom
@JakeSchrom, look at the price action near 400.00 level. If price reverses from this level, probably we'll see down movement. I hope you have a stop order for your short trade. Good luck!
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