ETH, an Elliot Story

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ETH has been on a descending trend for some days now.
Quite nice to catch the dips but i suspect a trend reversal soon.
Spotted a descending triangle wave pattern with a last wave at the bottom of the triangle which suggest a bull market. Let's see how it plays out.

Safe entry when the triangle break upwards.

This is not a trading advice, just a personal TA and opinion.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Trade safe.
評論: Elliot made me proud. The arrow was spot on.

Let's see if the story repeats itself now.

評論: I might have seen this way too conservatively.
So far it has been a nice run tho (+$26 per ETH).

Here is a more bullish version

評論: Working great so far. Went even higher than i could expect.
+ $40 since i called it. Hope you guys enjoy.
評論: +$55
Going strong. $150 is in reach. Might see a small WXY wave after that or the 5th wave will keep pushing to new highs..

評論: The 5th wave was really nice :)

What's next ?
This is a possibility

評論: As planned but higher numbers. I expect a small pullback on the XY wave before a new 12345 wave to reach new highs.

評論: Still following the plan and previous pattern.

love it
I got out too early!!!!!!!
ETH will be destroyed in front everybody with -50% very soon

Get out of there..
anyskill SummerSmile
@SummerSmile, Well maybe.. I doubt it tho. If you can elaborate a bit more that would be nice.
SummerSmile anyskill
@anyskill, If you are on ETH right now.. you will gonna lose 50% from your money very very soon
There is a secret contract agreement wich sign will be publicated after few months, just because corporations to gain much as they can before other people or traders.
THere is a surprise for everybody here is going to happen.

Media will publicate false news about ETH destruction wich will be with somewhere around -50%.

I wanna bet with me ?
anyskill SummerSmile
@SummerSmile, Interesting shit post right there, do you have links to support your theory ?
So from a TA standpoint there is nothing which look like a pullback. I will not loose money anyway, as most of traders we have a stop loss set up ;)
SummerSmile anyskill
@anyskill, Im not make you to do investment in weak coin, im telling you to be careful ! ... Everything is going to happend so fast and so dirty.. that 99% from people here will lose a lot.
anyskill SummerSmile
@SummerSmile, I am taking note. Will see :)
YMula SummerSmile
@SummerSmile, interesting.. really though hahaha
Nice call!
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