#ETH Rally Prediction +350% to +700% within next 65 days

ETHUSD Rally should begin on our around 4-20 as multiple cryptocurrencies come to a head and start to rally as they each break above the 1D Ichimoku resistance clouds.

Measuring a couple of the previous rallies, targets are +700% ($3900) within 50 days or +350% ($1700) within 65 days.

In the same time, if this marks the end of this consolidation period and rallies begin, then BTC may increase +1690% within the next 265 day period. This means BTC may rise from $7k to $100k by end of year, likely by Nov 2018. This allows for ETH value to rise to $3900 while still staying inline with current BTC/ETH exchange rates. In fact, we have room for ETH to rise to $5800 if BTC hits $100k or higher within that same time frame (November 2018).

評論: ETH is launching
This is the 1H chart, 17 hours after my prediction. Count back 17 candles to see how far we've come.
評論: On track so far..
I hope you're right but that sounds absolutely insane. But 2017 was absolute batshit. What a year! If 2018 can be 1/5th as good it would be nuts.
Yes, definitely!!!!!
yikes... idk
100k ETH in 6 months??...even if god comes and tell me i won't believe that because its not possible unless UN adopts it as official platform..lol
@tammy007, 100k btc / 5800 eth
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1700 $ ?100k ?

hard to believe
but hope too see those days soon
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Tin.Foil hamedgho2000
@hamedgho2000, BTC to $100k, ETH to $5800 (peak). I have a feeling BTC will go to $120K but i'm just calling $100k to be reasonable.
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