ETH/USD potential "flat correction" ?

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Just trying to figure out if there was a count that would support my bearish thesis on the ETH/BTC ratio. And there is. Probably will get a lot of flack for this one but it's just a chart : ) Yes, i'm aware of the ascending triangle break, and yes its possible this is horribly wrong and ETH explodes into an incredible majestic bull market. But i'm just not so sure yet. Anyway, figured I would share.

P.S. if this chart gets a lot of push back then it's probably right (everyone has already bought) : ) If not then it's probably wrong.
評論: Also, "C" wave can end closer to "A" if it is a "running flat"
評論: Top?
評論: Went a bit higher but that's okay, will stick with this until we break the 2.618 fib level:
what if this is still gonna be right :panic:
Thanks for the chart! Any updates on the recent price actions?
Hi @btc_joe! what do you think about eth now? I notice that eth/btc is far from level of top, and in 1D TF looks at bottom, or is ranging before going down again, but I don't think so.
@Loth, I think there's potential for a bounce in both but if it happens it will be probably be short-lived. Sticking with my bearish stance for now : )
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can you share some thoughts on BTC please, thanks
btc2evan btc2evan
never mind, I found the chart you posted on 31 oct, you have some very good charting skills :)
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I like your charts, good inspiration
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btc_joe btc2evan
@btc2evan, thanks!
btc_joe maxp0wer
@maxp0wer, no chance?
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