Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum             broke $900 for the first time in history today. The psychological barrier was broken and momentum carried us into the ~$920 range. One reason for this breakout stems from a declaration from the EU, MiFid 2, which is said to have a great impact on ETH (read here: https://www.ethnews.com/barclays-ubs-credit-suisse-seek-ethereum-blockchain-solution-for-mifid-ii-regulations). Looking ahead, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ethereum             flirt with the ~$970 range this week even with the soft resistance line glooming above. That is if BTC             continues to move sideways.

MACD bullish cross on 1D
3.618 fib level for target
OBV nearing all-time high
Green boxes signify accumulation periods

This is not investment advice, rather I am sharing my thoughts on the new all-time high which occurred today.

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Eth: 0xF6451592D017dd29111d97b21F108F1e566F60b6
Btc: 3Qxd68TUeA3uVNSXizmDCbx5KhNUqngD7D
Thank you for the chart. Have a look more on the log chart longterm 2015-2018. This way you see a bigger picture and trend channels with the log scale pattern indicate over 5000k USD for one Ether until early summer 2018 in minimum. Good luck and cheers.
jamiecohen24 MichaelShutterbug
@MichaelShutterbug, Thanks for the feedback. At this point, that chart looks like a joke with $1100 Ethereum! Cheers.
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