Four weeks of Ether rest... then run with the bulls

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I hope this chart posts well. This is just the most basic trend observation on long-term trade. I think the resistance top and bottom have got ETH contained for a few weeks, Then the support seems stronger than the resistance, so momentum favors a bull run from Mid-November until...
However: this would not allow for a good retest of the support around 222...which would be nice, and let the bulls out of the gate.

Good luck!
Agreed. GDAX's order book is showing a heavy sell wall between 340 and 350. Though I know buyers will most likely move their orders around if a bullish trend begins soon, as it stands the equivalent volume for a bearish trend extends down to around 250
@tmpka, Thanks for your thoughts! As all can see, my post is really just an idea, with very little TA! but I wanted to learn how to get more involved in the community and be brave enough to post! I kind of regret my timeline, because I think things will happen faster- (timelines are dangerous.) Perhaps you are right and the bears will push through the support to retest the recent lows like you propose asa possibility- perhaps a quick dip... and then we're off! Good time to watch...and see...
@tmpka, ...Also, if I had kept the support line lower to include those sell-off trading dips in the past, it would be a better chart, and it would allow for the 250 range trading dip. I like your thinking
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