Time for ETH to take a break, have a cup o' tea, then moon.

Well friends, we'll keep it short and sweet. Ethereum has had a very nice pump off of the short squeeze in the markets. The breakout of the inv H&S pattern was hit quicker than I expected and formed a nice round bottom. Now is a perfect time to sit back have a cup of tea and watch as ETH may form a cup and handle as it retests the inv H&S target. Remember the handle can retrace 50% of the cup and still be valid but if we break below $420 this idea ain't worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on.

The interesting thing is the hypothetical price target of the unproven C&H is it's correlation with the .618 fib retrace that we drew from 3-5-18 to 4-1-18. We must wait and watch for the breakout to confirm it as a tradable cup and handle pattern, but it's looking like bottom city for ETH.

Well there you have it, Like it if you like it, and comment if you have questions, I'm happy to answer.

Please remember this is my own educated opinion regarding my personal portfolio please do your own research before trading yourself.

The update, Cup and Handle confirmed

Updated chart

New update with next price targets
I think that NEO will follow this same path as well. All the smart contract coins are in close correlation these days. ETH and NEO look almost identical though.
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