The Support Line: EP1 -- Scales

Hello traders, investors, and the curious alike! This is my new series called The Support Line. To get the chart from any of The Support Line's episodes, you can scroll down to "related ideas" below the write-up and select the episode # along with its chart. It will always be there! This gives you the ability ot share it back here, and our community can help and work with you! Here we will talk about some of the more fundamental points of technical analysis , helping us become better chartists. Some of our advanced users may be able to brush up on information here, and perhaps fill in gaps of things they didn't know. Our newer users should expect to build a better base, and have a good foundation for more advanced concepts later.

Please help me out with suggestions for what our next talk should be about!! Leave me a note in the comments, and we'll make sure we get to it as soon as possible! Thanks !

Lets get our pencils out and get to work!
respect for propping that in there in the nick of time lol
@DaDude, Propping what in where in the nick of time? lol... Thank you for the respect though. Thats always nice!
As a newbie, this was very interesting. I have no ideas how to use the charts. This will get me started. Thanks.
@msambrown, Thats a high compliment. Thank you!
LOVE Your educational charts, clean and well formulated.
Would love to see one on price action:)
+1 回覆

Thats definitely coming! I think maybe that should be next. That could be a multi-part-series. Massively important to everything we do as traders.
I like it. We'll see if anybody can best that... (tough road ahead of them!) Thank you for the Kind words!
@tanitaeva, Did you see todays? :)
tanitaeva nukenowakowski
@nukenowakowski, about to watch :)
Great introduction that's already giving me a lot of new information. As a beginner I really appreciate it.
Absolutely! I'm glad you could get something out of this! I appreciate it the feedback very much. Its important I know that I'm not talking to a wall out there!
Keep me on pace, don't let me pass yo u up, and don't let me be too basic either!
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