ETH falling with BTC

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Looks like ETH is taking a hit along with BTC , though I would take this opportunity to buy both on touch of drawn price levels.
accurately judged grx work! Forming the head then the collapse with the right shoulder ?
Also might keep a watch on ratios. I jumped out of ETH into BTC when it was 395 a 2800, or 7.088 to 1. If BTC regains faster, or while ETC falls, it's great opportunity to swap back part of your portfolio for easy gains.
ir0nma1den krackajackfoo
@krackajackfoo, Not a bad idea but I treat cryptos as more of a "set it and forget it" investment. I think long term, ETH and BTC will be worth multiples more than they are now in the coming years.
krackajackfoo ir0nma1den
@ir0nma1den, oh absolutely, but when an opportunity to multiple your investment comes along that really has low-risk, I take it. I don't think ETH goes over 500$ this year, but I think BTC will break 4k. Either way, I'm still holding long, I'm just all-in with BTC at the moment.
deedee krackajackfoo
@krackajackfoo, google the harvard report on it ! u will loose if all ur investments are in eth or btc especially after the forking when there will be 3 btcs! according to the research 70% should be in eth and only 30% in btc which u can reallocate after the forking in all 3 10% each. ETH is gaining the market cap. it is more widely accepted and is the future since it is the backend for apps and IOT endorsed by microsoft and facebook for IOT!
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