RETEST ethusd $250 using Bitmex ethm17 (all trades recorded)

I think we retest the $250 on ethereum --- was spot on yesterday. Haven't initiated the trade waiting for coins to confirm at bitmex but I am starting with .33 I use high leverage in these situations and do quite a bit of buys and sells and post them the second after I do them here. I watch closely a few charts because the futures at bitmex lag a few seconds behind so you can get out of a bad trade quickly if you have your mouse over the close trade button.
交易進行: 100 contracts of ethm17 short at .11856 (50x leverage) tight stop loss will deleverage if it moves in the right direction
評論: thats a typo its .10856*
評論: better chart here for my current trade

交易進行: Longed 3000 contracts of xbtusd at 2469.90 as a hedge incase a bounce in both, Hoping btc holds its ground and eth continues to retest its bottom
評論: Getting close to covering my short here already have 200% roe on it. the xbtusd is break even still. Might add to that waiting for the bounce off the double bottom if it doesn't pierce thru

getting ready to trim my short down to 20 contracts around the .102 area
評論: prepeared to ride the bounce off the 250 upwards if we get down there trying to exit the trade but the futures are all over the place
評論: still holding my 100 short position the roe on it is 300% right here but we are busting thru the support this might be a much bigger trade than i had anticiapted going to unload some of these contracts when the price looks fair

waiting for a big candle like this to make my exit or when the pricing looks right on bitmex. Still holding the xbtusd long position which is up about 20%.

Huge profits here now just have to exit properly large spread on the eth futures
交易進行: covered 70 of my 100 eth/btc short at .10011. Probably liquidate the others on here on any sign of a bounce.
手動結束交易: covered the last 30 at .9936 --- huge 400% roi gain on that. still holding btc long will hold that overnight hav eit on low leverage. Hope everyone followed for 2 great nights in a row
awesome job
Excellent !!!

I could see your updates recently I was looking for help Is there any delay in after how much time one can view these updates ?
@Crypto-King, they should be live maybe a couple second lag
Crypto-King WolfofCoinStreet
@WolfofCoinStreet, Thanks a lot, I appreciate quick response !!! I am planning to place two buy order for 205 and 160 Do you think this is correct or I should change the numbers ?
spot on ...good luck
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