are we heading to $350 or $310? (my opinion/prediction)

Hello all, i hope you're all well and have had a good week trading thus far!

Now i wasn't going to do a chart on ETH but after a few requests i decided to have a look at the chart and noticed a pattern so i thought it was worth mentioning to everyone incase some people have missed it.

Now i have noticed that ETH has been creating multiple high lows the past month
Level 1- $270
Level 2- $275
Level 3- $284
Level 4- $290
Level 5?- ($310 is my prediction for new support)

As i am writing this ETH is currently at $330.

Now my personal opinion is that we will see ETH fall back down and create another high low at the $310 mark which will be roughly a 6% drop (date 20th/21st), I then believe once it has tested the new high low it will go on to break the $350 resistance within a month, as i don't think it currently has enough fuel to break through the resistance at this point in time, i shall however re-asses the chart in 3 days time as i believe if it does break through the $350 mark it'll happen around about the 18th of this month.

Thats all i have for today, so as always do not make any financial decision's based on the information/opinion/predictions i provide, i hope you find my opinion/view useful in some way or another. peace out! any feedback/suggestions you have (good or bad) please post it in the comments, its much appreciated thanks! safe trading!
Pretty much got this bang on, well done great analysis
good strategy haha ,, open positions both sides... one way it will go ,, haah noob
@usmanshahid, hello sir, i take it you didn't read my opinion but that's okay, i personally thought it would test the $310 mark before reaching the $350, but as i said in the post if it did however go onto the $350 mark it it would happen around about the 18th which it has, so in that sense i'd say i was pretty accurate
FxTicks FrankieArnell
@FrankieArnell, true ... sorry i take my words back.. goodd luck ,,,hope u r in this bull train
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@usmanshahid, that's okay, good luck to you also sir and indeed i am, its good to see ETH have a nice run!
Thank you!
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