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ETH is constantly praised in the news but in the crypto market you do not sell the news as you do on Wall Street. Crypto news just keeps getting bettter. ETH $1,000 this year is a conservative estimate.
The pullbacks in ETH are very minor so far. Just waiting for something stronger but adding small amounts on each plunge lower.
With BTC so expensive to transfer, ETH and LTC are looking very attractive now.
I think its literally impossible to accurately predict a valuation from hype and news alone. There are definitely no chart patterns that can verify a $500-$1000 target by August. If you want my opinion, I think BTC is looking quite bearish, my money is on a retrace back towards $2000. Given that ETH and virtually all Cryptos are "leashed" to BTC we can expect them to follow downwards if that does happen. I'm still not sure yet though, just gonna keep buying the dips and be ready to enter a short if needed.
@dalanfsu, If you're right this is going to be one massive downdraft and will create a buying opportunity for a new wave of participants that will once again turn into a group of multi-millionaires.
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Where are you getting your "conservative estimate" valuation?
@dalanfsu, Just about every analyst in the news that I'm hearing is calling for even higher prices than I mentioned so I'm just taking a conservative estimate. Do you think this is wrong?
BRRD thunderpreacher
@thunderpreacher, you do realise that when it's being shouted from the rooftops you can be sure the top is near. Read no.1 of the 5 rules of contrarian investing:

It was precisely the same during previous bubbles.
@BRRD, What happened to the other rule that states "past performance does not guarantee future results?" You have to admit this is not your typical financial market. This is something entirely new and uncharted. Things are very different here. Of course you may be correct so caution is always appropriate.
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