What should a beginning trade start under these rules?

POLONIEX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether USD
I am new to the forum so I am the one needing your ideas. What should one do when the trend is sell is down and the buy is up. Thank you.
ETH is still in a lot of potential trouble. The 3 day chart does not look good at all. If I were going to take a shorter term long position it would only be a small one. Until the higher time frames straighten out, it's just not a bet worth taking with any serious capital.
Follow the basic EMA rules. Don't let yourself be driven by emotions - this is your worst enemy.
Search for video-tutorial-series-to-help-beginners-let-s-learn-moving-averages-like-a-boss

Because we are in a crashing downtrend, only take higher ema timeframes to buy, you need a stronger confirmation.
Or at least don't by all at once. Maybe by a fraction when each EMA time frame trigger. BE PATIENT.
Next, learn what a stop loss is. And USE it. Enjoy the pain it gives and accept the loss. That loss is the price to pay to protect your assets.
I have so many friends who just don't use it and just look at the price go lower and lower ... hoping it will go up again.
When you "hope" it's wrong. You should be prepared and have a plan. There's no place for hope. Just risk to reward.
Each move is a bet, you must learn to take the ones in your favor. But they can't all be winners.

You are alone on this unfortunately. Don't look for "signal" from other people. All is different and personal point of views, and that includes what I say here.
This is your money, your responsability.

No one will tell you what and when to do it exactly.
People who do are scammers.

However - If I knew that basic EMA strategy before 1 jan, I would not have loss 75% of my profits.

Feel free to contact me personaly if you need help to setup trading view.
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I appreciate all that you do.
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Thank you.
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