ETH touchdown then back to the moon

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As you can see ETH is almost back to its forecast... where it will touchdown and I believe follow the previous pattern. Buying anywhere less than 190 yet as close to the forecast line as possible is getting in good. If it drops too much below the forecast I would say jump ship. Of course alot is going to depend on BTC .

did i miss my mark???? i loaded my chart today to take another look at it... and nothing was lining up.... so i realigned it all and this is what i came up with. at any rate im thinking it should slightly dip back down and go sideways to the end of the triangle then blast off from there.

Im thinking the 8th will be the day... you can look to get in as close to the blue forecast line as close to the tip of the triangle as possible for a nice gain when it breaks out

expecting to see eth pop off the 8th or 9th so roughly 4 or 5 days from now. I wasnt expecting it to go all the way back up and come down perfectly... and my lines were a bit off... but readjusting the lines we see that we have formed a perfect triangle with the uptrend and downtrend lines meeting at the forecast line. this is a recipe for a huge spike just as the one that recently happened with ltc.

here is an updated chart along with fallback support lines. if eth falls through the uptrend line it will have support at ~200 and again at ~180

ethereum is currently breaking uptrend support... if it does it will fall back to 200-210 mark.

quick update for ETH. I actually had this charted before the bounce. I was already all in on a couple other assets so i passed on catching this bounce. Anyways just a bounce we should expect this one to pop off and have a breakout somewhere around the 20th. Its going to be a good one so stay tuned Ill update this in a few days.
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