ETH/USDT - Time to buy

POLONIEX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether USD
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I have held off buying Ethereum as I would have chased it and I have lost too much $ over the years in doing that. My reward is that I get to buy in at a very good price. Its like sale time with Crypto's.
So I will buy off my level as price has now held the reverse fib level on the 4hr chart confirming my trade plan.
See my new targets from the corrective move.
交易結束:目標達成: My target has held for 2 days now. So we should see some Bulls come to the party.
評論: We could see the next level down 865 area before heading up. This provides a long term area of support and most charts I've noticed restest areas multiple times. However,we have tested this area previously and could not reach the ATH. That makes me wary and I will be watching this trade closely for a failed high if I go long from this area.
Hiya, Do you think still buy position we have ?
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